It is truly suprising that Airtel can take such giant step that can either crumble or left their network with lesser Number of Users.
If You aren’t aware, Well, the TechOpera Team would love to inform you that pone few days ago, Airtel Went Official And Discount OperaMini From Their Server.
Which is to say, that all Airtel Data Plan Users And Mobile Phone users can not legally browse with their Airtel Simcard On Operamini, because the OperaMini Server Has been discounted from Their system.

However, When We Contact The Airtel Customer Personnel, He Informed Us that for Iphone Users, Android And Blackberry Users, Their OperaMini Would Still Be Working, But For A Considerable Time Only before it will be automatically discounted.

However, We Would love to share with you today, the Airtel 2012 september settings which will give you the access to rock Operamini On Your Airtel Simcard With the same Speed.
Please Note That This Is Not A Cheat Code For Free browsing!.
Rather, it is a Tweak which enables you to browse on your operamini using Airtel.
And this will cut your money.

Use The Settings Described Below To Surf On Your Operamini Using Airtel.

Note that this september 2012 Airtel tweaks is working Perfectly and Very Fast on Every Kind Of Opera Mini With Http Server.


Open Your OperaMini And Insert This Tweaks.

Custom Http Server:

Just Leave Everything Else The Same Way, Open Your Operamini and start surfing the internet for free.


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