This is a very short article, i just log into my facebook profile today, and guess what?
Well, this article title did give me away, i just noticed that you can now send images via the facebook chat box.
I noticed this when i want to chat with a friend, and the photo icon just appeared, below the chat box.
Well, as a blogger, i decided to test it out, and YES, it is working!!.
I just send a message to a friend and it’s almost automatic.
Here is a screenshot of the facebook image/photo auto sender.
Facebook chats
How To Use The Facebook Image/Photo Sender in Chat Box.
1. when you locate the chat box, just click on it.
2.when you have clicked on the chat box, select the image/photo you want to send, and yes, it goes automatically.
Happy Chatting!!!!, and wait, don’t forget to share with your friends on facebook and twitter using the share buttons below.


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