Best Android Hotspot Apps

In the time of need that is when the availability of connectivity is short, this application helps the user to make him complete his pending work.

Some times the connectivity gets cut off and it’s hard to find another way for finishing our desired tasks. But it’s never too late as the phone has the technology of supporting Internet. This is called tethering; and in this technology Android hone uses the operator’s network to make the connectivity gets going so that work could be done in time. The latest version is Android 2.2 and it’s in the phone as it is a built in technology.

Best Android Hotspot Apps

Best Android Hotspot Apps

Now following are some of the most common hotspot applications

PDA-NetBest Android Hotspot App

One of the simple tether application is the PDA-Net Best android d Hotspot application. This application is in two versions. Either you can buy it or you can just use it for free for some time. Both versions have the same features except for just one more ion paid version and that is of securing sites.

Barnacle Wi-Fi Tether

Another hotspot application that has the best feature that it can be operated for all systems like Linux or Mac or any other. Another best feature is that it provides with WiFi technology as compared with other which provides only USB. Its cn be purchased just only for $1.99

Android Wi-Fi Tether

This is the advanced version of Android Phone. It can also be used for different systems.

Easy Tether

Likewise the other described applications this Easy Tether can also be used in different systems and devices. It also has two versions. Free and paid. It can be purchased at only $9.99. This application is not for downloading only the system which it has to run should have the proper software to handle it.

In this article we have discussed about the different hotspot applications which are used at the time when the Internet connectivity is cut off or some problem may happen. All of these applications are very helpful and easy to use.

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