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The evolution of the Internet is fast. When it was first introduced years ago, wires and cables ran the Internet. But as years passed and innovations were developed by IT geniuses, the wireless Internet was introduced. As its name implies, this type of Internet connection does not need wires or cables to run effectively. Wireless Internet runs on radio frequency waves to work. Internet companies compete with each other by offering subscribers cheap wireless Internet. Aside from being affordable, there are other advantages as well as disadvantages to this type of Internet connection.

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• No wires and cables running around. It is always a hassle if there are so many wires and cables running around the room. with wireless Internet, you do not have to worry about them as the modem is completely independent of cables.

• Modem can be transferred from one room to another.If the signal is weak in one room, you can transfer the modem to another so you can get stronger signals. With wired Internet, the modem stays put in one room as there are cables connected to it. you have an option to bring the modem somewhere else and as long as the signal is strong, you can browse the Internet anywhere.

• No need to drill holes for wires. This is very advantageous for people who live in apartments or rent houses, because then they do not have to drill holes in the wall to hide the cables. There are some landlords who do not want their tenants to drill in the walls.

• Multiple computers and smartphones can use at once. Wireless Internet is more often than not has WiFi capabilities. This means that not only one computer can connect to the Internet at one time. As long as the signal is strong then many computers can browse the Internet using only one connection.

• It can still be connected to an Ethernet cable.Since the wireless Internet runs on radio waves, there are times when signal is poor. The best thing about wireless Internet is that you can still connect it to an Ethernet cable because it receives a stronger signal.


• The signal is not always strong. Since it runs on radio waves, signal is sometimes poor. This results in slow data transmission. Wired Internet connection has a steadier and stronger signal, thanks to the Ethernet cable connected to the modem. If you do not mind sitting in one place where the signal is strongest, then it’s okay to connect your laptop to an Ethernet cable to get a stronger signal, especially if you are working on an important matter using the Internet. But if you are always changing places where you see fit, then you have to wait for the signal to get stronger so you can browse a lot faster too.

• Interference of electronic devices. Devices such as cell phones interfere with the transmission of data in wireless Internet, as they also run on radio waves to receive signal from the telephone company. This interference causes slow data processing and transmission. If you want fast Internet, make sure to place other electronic devices away from the computer so they won’t interfere with the signal.

• Internet security is weaker. Internet security can also be decrypted by hackers, so it is a must to take added precaution in protecting your network. A strong network password and SSID should be utilized to protect not only your network but your files in the computer as well. Hacking electronic devices especially computers are just a piece of cake for hackers, so taking extra precautions won’t hurt.

These Dropbox Mac things are just some of the advantages and disadvantages of using wireless Internet. If you opt for this type of Internet connection, make sure to weigh the pros and cons first before deciding against using a wired Internet connection. If you don’t often use the Internet outside of your home and you only have a desktop computer, a DSL connection is a much better choice as this type transmits data a lot faster and the signal is always strong. The decision is always yours; do not be swayed by what is in at the moment. Shop around for the best Internet companies offering their services. Weigh the long-term benefits before making your decision.

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