Are you searching for the Etisalat Blackberry data bundles plans? Today, i would love to share with you, the complete and most affordable list of Etisalat blackberry internet bundles plan for your smartphone.
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Please ensure that you subscribe to any of our blackberry plans and i promise you, that you certainly will enjoy the superfast speed etisalat offers. What’s more, you can even get an option to call at 20k/sec just by buying any of any of the Etisalat voice plans, you certainly won’t regret this!
blackberry smart phones

blackberry plan
plan data price(₦) *voice
non-voice SMS to 399
blackberry 10 lite with unlimited BBM® monthly 260MB 1000 *599*2# MLITE
weekly 70MB 350 *599*2*1# WLITE
daily 10MB 70 *599*2*2# DLITE
blackberry 10 mid with unlimited BBM® monthly 500MB 1500 *599*3# MMID
weekly 125MB 550 *599*3*1# WMID
daily 15MB 100 *599*3*2# DMID
blackberry 10 max with unlimited BBM® monthly 1536MB 3000 *599*4# MMAX
weekly 360MB 1100 *599*8# WMAX
daily 50MB 200 *599*7# DMAX


blackberry plan
plan duration *voice opt-in non-voice opt-in price (₦)
blackberry absolute monthly *499*1# *399*1# 1500
weekly *499*6# *399*6# 550
daily *499*5# *399*5# 100
monthly 2 for 1 promo *369*2# *369*3# 1500
blackberry complete monthly *499*3# SMS COM to 399 1000
weekly *499*3*1# SMS COW to 399 500
daily *499*3*2# SMS COD to 399 100
monthly 2 for 1 promo *369*1# *369*4# 1000

* voice plan allows you enjoy call rates at 20k/s to all networks.


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