Using this medium, we the Techopera Team wishes to share with you, the Etisalat Latest Free Browsing Cheat Code Tweak For Computer, Laptops and Mobile Phones using JWP on the Etisalat network.
Please Note that you are to use this tweaks for november/december 2012 to browse for free on your Etisalat Sim card.
This Tweaks Rocks On Mobile Phones, Laptops And Computer.

  • Step By Step Guidelines On How to set JWP To Browse Free!!!

You are to create a New Access point like this or use the
Existing one on your phone

  1. Connection name: JWP or any name you like
  2. Data Bearer: packet data
  3. APN: etisalat
  4. Username: empty
  5. Password: empty
  6. Authentication: Normal
  7. Homepage:
  8. IP Address:
  9. Port: 8080

Now Save and go to your JWP and follow the settings below.
Protocol: HTTP
HTTP Port:8080

  1. ISP Proxy:
  2. ISP Port: 0
  3. Host: Blank
  4. JWP Server:
  5. Username: Your JWP username
  6. Password: Your JWP password
  7. Append String:  Blank
  8.  ChooseTweak: EtisaLat NG
  9. Filter Proxy:  i.e. a single colon

Thats it, just Save your settings and Enjoy the free etisalat browsing tweaks with  with Opera, UCbrowser or any Symbian browsing Application. Important Notice:
Uninstall any previous Version on your phone, then Goto your E:/System/App&Delete or Remove JWPmobile before you Install the New one.
Enjoy this latest JWP Etisalat free browsing trick code for december 2012.

This Is coming From TECHOPERA.COM



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