Get 80 Megabyte For 100 Naira Only on Airtel Nigeria

I just decided to share this information with you, seeing that some people are still not aware that Airtel Nigeria is doing a bonanza, where Airtel is giving their Customer, the ability to get 80 megabytes for just N100 Naira only.

If you have been purchasing Airtel Data Packages, you will be aware that 80 MB costs Eight Hundred Naira on Airtel.

But this giveaway is like: Unbelievable, and here is how to get your Airtel 80MB for just Hundred Naira only!.

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Simple Guidelines on How To Get Airtel 80MB with Just Hundred Naira instead of Eight Hundred Naira

Step 1.
Go to your message, create a new message, and type BBUD, then send it to 440

Step 2.
Wait for a few seconds, you will receive a Welcome SMS.

Step 3.
After you have receive the welcome message, just send Deactivativate to 440 and aftre that, you will receive a message, stating that your data bundle has successfully been deactivated.

Then proceed to send STOPAUTORENEW to 440.

Step 4.
After you have sent the message, just dial this code:

to check Your Airtel MB balance.

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