This is just WOW!!!, another latest information on the Tech World is that Airtel is giving out 100 Megabytes Data Bundle for the give away price of three hundred Naira ONLY.

Well, just like the picture above, this seems like a partnership deal between Mobile production giant, Nokia and Airtel.
Because this bonus offer works only on Nokia Mobile phones.
For all Airtel subscribers who are not aware yet, Well we’ll love to break the Good news to you, which is:
Airtel is currently giving giving 100MB data bundle for just a token of 300 Naira ONLY.
This message was sent to almost all Airtel Users.
Here’s the exact Message i got From Airtel This Morning, which reads:
Realizing that you use a Nokia Device, you have been carefully selected for the Double-DOUBLE data promo.
Just Dial *141*11*2*2# for 100MB at the cost of N300 ONLY.
And we’re sure that whith this, You Get 100MB Access to The Internet.
However, Airtel did not specify the duration of the Data Bundle, i thought about calling them, but believe it will last for more than three days.
Likewise, i also believe this can work for other phone users like Samsung, Tecno, Blackberry, Iphone, Android etc.
Even though the Airtel message specifically said that Nokia is their partner in this bonus offer, i think the 100MB might work on other device.
I advice you try it on Nokia Torch Phones because my sim was on a Torch phone when they sent me the Sms….
Remember, that Techopera is always there for You.


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