How To Retrieve My Lost Or Forgetten MTN Transfer Pin Number For Free

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Sincerely, I’ve Seen People Who have Lost Or Forgot Their Mtn Transfer Pin Number, they just don’t know what to do, and all they keep on doing is calling MTN Customer Care Service which Takes lots of time and Battery Life.

Avoid Cases Like This!

Well, for people who have passed through this lane before, or are currently experiencing it, etc, then this Article is FOR you!.

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Because we are going to give you the 3 Step Guidelines On How To Retrieve Lost/Forgotten MTN Transfer Pin Number Without Spending A Dime!.

This Method also works for People who have their Mtn Transfer PIN Blocked.

If MTN has blocked your transfer pin or you have forgotten your PIN, then you can use this Method to Simply get Your Transfer PIN for Free without paying MTN.

How To Retrieve Lost Or Blocked MTN Transfer PIN Number/Code.

Step 1: Go to Your Message, Then create new Message and Type Yes.
Then send it to 556

Step 2: Wait for a few Minutes, MTN will send you a message exactly like this:
welcome to share & sell, your default your new pin is 0000.MTN recommends you reset the pin.

Then Text Your New Pin to 556.

eg. 0000 2222 2222 and send it to 556, You will receive a message that your pin has been reset

Step 3: That’s It!.

Your Lost Or Forgotten Mtn Transfer Pin has been retrieved free without calling customer Care Service Or Pay to retrieve it.

We Appreciate Your Thoughts Regarding This, did it Work For You?
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  1. Tried it out bt it dint work 4 me…
    D massage i received wen i sent yes to 556 was not d msg u said i wud receiv…instead i received dis:- for self service pls send help to 131

  2. Pls I had fgtn my pin and when I sent yes to 556 d msg I rcv is(Sorry, this service is exclusive, you are not authorised to use this service. Thank you)pls what else can I do?

  3. I send yes to 556 I didn’t receive any message, I even retry it maybe they can send me a message it is the same thing

    • Most times, MTN Nigeria tends to have more problems than you can think of.
      I think you should check back again and try the code.
      I have used this method countless times and surely, it works.


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