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How to Subscribe to MTN Data Plans for 2019

How to Subscribe to MTN Data Plans for 2019
how to subscribe to mtn data plans

Here is a step by step guideline on how to Subscribe to any MTN Data plan of your choice this 2019. Through this article, you get to see and pick which Mtn Data Plan is suitable for you.

Today, we’ll be sharing with You, the complete guide on HOW TO SUBCRIBE TO MTN DATA BUNDLES PACKAGES.

MTN Data Bundle Plan

There are quite a lot of bundes and packages from MTN Nigeria, so it’s left for you to pick the PLAN that suits your need. MTN data is measured in Kilobytes (KB), Megabytes (popularly called MB) or Gigabytes, (also known as GB).

Using the table below, you will get to know the MTN prepaid bundle plan that best suits you.

How To Subscribe To MTN DATA PLANS

It is very simple to subscribe to any package that suits you. All you need to do, is simply text the migration code for the package you choose to 131.

You will also receive an sms message on your mobile phone or computer system, which will confirm the successful bundle activation.

MTN Data Plan Prices

Here are latest MTN Data Plan Prices:

  • MTN Android One Plan
  • MTN Cheap Browsing for Mobile, 1.5GB (24/7 30 days) – N1000
BundleValidity PeriodPrice
3.5GB MTN mobile data plan30 Days2000 Naira
10GB MTN data plan30 Days5,000 NGN
22GB MTN data plan30 DaysN10,000
50GB MTN data plan60 DaysN20,000
85GB MTN data plan90 DaysN50,000
MTN Daily data plan (30MB) 24 Hours100 Naira
750MB MTN Weekly data plan7 Days500 NGN
100MB 24 HoursN200

Activation codes for MTN Data Subscription

Follow the instruction below to activate any of the above MTN browsing bundle you choose. Don’t worry, I will also be sharing with you, how to check MTN data subscription balance.

PLANValidity / DurationSubscription Code
MTN Cheap Browsing Plan (1.5GB) 30 daysText 106 to 131
MTN 3.5GB Data plan30 DaysText 110 to 131
10GB MTN data plan30 DaysText 116 to 131
22GB MTN data plan30 DaysText 117 to 131
50GB MTN data plan60 DaysText 118 to 131
85GB MTN data plan90 DaysText 133 to 131
30MB MTN Daily data plan24 HoursSMS 104 to 131
750MB Weekly7 DaysText 103 to 131
100MB MTN Daily data plan1 Day (24 Hours)Text 113 to 131

How to Check MTN Data Balance

To check your MTN browsing data balance, SMS 2 to 131.

How To Subscribe To The above MTN Data Bundle Plan

To activate your preferred bundle plan from the above listed plans, just text the keyword to 131.
For example. 2H to 131.

How To Change To Another Data Plan in MTN

simply text Reset in a text message and send it to 131.


  1. Please, reply me via mail : I really need to know how to load this #2,500 into my set after sending the required *102# activation code. (N) 2500 Bundle Plan: 4.5gb (9pm – 6am for one month.) Total Data Allowance: 4.5gb Validity Period: Activation Code: *102#

  2. I really need to know how to load this N2500 into my set after sending the required *102# activation code N2500 Bundle Plan 4.5GB {9am-6am for one month ] Total Data Allowance 4.5GB Validily Period Activation Code *102#


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