The whole idea behind this service from MTN, is that when you don’t have MONEY on your simcard, and you really need to send someone a message, you can use this service and get your message across to your family member, friends or ANY MTN phone number.
Is this service not awesome?
If you want to checkout the service right now, follow the guidelines below.
Mtn Techopera
Step By Step Guidelines ON How To Send MTN (Receivers PAY) FREE SMS WITH N0.00 NAIRA.
As we’ve previously stated, the recipient/recievers will pay for the message you SENT which they recieved!.
(For MTN Users ONLY)
Step 1. Firstly type the SMS you want to send, then you are expected to send your SMS (message) to the number below,
38701 which is then followed by the receivers/reciepients phone
For example:
Step 2.
After you must have send the message, the receiver will get a
message from 38701, which will request him/her to pay FIRST before viewing/reading the message.
For example:
Yello! You have an MTN Collect
SMS from 2348012345678.
Reply YES to this message to accept charge of NGN5 and receive the message.
Now, it depends totally on the receiver, if he/she should accept it or decline it.
If the reciepient you are sending the text messege to reply”YES”to 37801, N5 will be deducted from the recievers account balance and the reciever can view the message.
While your messege will be delivered successfully without a dime deducted from your account.
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