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Movie4k.io – Watch Latest Movies on Movie4k Free | 2018 Movies


Are you getting bored at home? if yes, why not do something interesting and entertaining? One way to make the best out of boredom is watching Movies. Hundred of millions of people, have agreed that watching Movies is one of the best timepass if you are getting bored at home.

But one question that keeps on persisting, begging for an answer is this: “how to watch movies or via which reliable source”. You can checkout portals like Wapdam, Waptrick or ToxicWap, to download entertaining contents for your smartphone.

True is, there are quite a lot of reliable sources to watch Movies online, sources like Television, Amazon Prime or Netflix, etc.

However, the truth remains that you can’t watch your favorite movies at any time on Television, either through Cable, and talking about Netflix, Amazon Prime? we all know they do charge money to stream movies online.

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However, if you are looking for a convenient and free place to watch Movies online, then I’ll recommend www.movie4k.oi. All you need to watch a movie from this website is a strong Wifi Signal or a working Internet connection.

What is Movie4k.io?

Movie4k.io is a website which gives you the opportunity to watch movies online for free without spending a single penny on any of the movies. Movie4k is a place where you can easily watch any of your favorite movies online free of charge.

Why Movie4k?

I may be thinking along the same line as you. You probably may be saying, there are quite a lot of websites available on the Internet such as 123Movies, Filmywap, and many others to watch Videos, why www.movie4k.oi? Here’s my answer.

Movie4k is truly one of the best platforms where you can stream movies online. This platform comes with many unique features which will certainly suit your need. The best and interesting part I love the most about Movie 4k, is that there are absolutely no advertisements and you can start streaming the movies online with just one click.

Another intriguing feature is the search box. There are many other features also which you would like about this website.


Just like any other movie download website, movie4k has different categories of movies which you can watch and download. They include:

  • Movies
  • Cinema movies
  • Latest updates
  • All movies
  • Genres: These include Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, History, Horror, Music, etc.
  • Random movie
  • RSS feed
  • TV shows
  • Featured
  • Latest updates
  • All TV shows
  • Genres
  • Random Show
  • RSS feed

How to Watch Movies on Movie4k?

Watching Movies on Movie4k isn’t rocket science. But to ensure your leisure and ease here is how to easily use this site, and enjoy its full features and potentials.

  • To stream movies online on the Movie4k.io website, you are required to visit their official website from here.
  • When the website loads up on your device, a page will be opened and it will verify your IP address whether you are a bot or human being.
  • After a few seconds, you will be automatically redirected to the Movie 4k website’s homepage.
  • The next step is for you to personally SELECT/CHOOSE your favorite movies from the Features or Latest section of the website.
  • Take note that you are also required to click on the movie title and you will be taken to a new page where you can start streaming the movie.
  • If you want to stream some specific movie which is not on the Movie4k.io website, then I’ll highly recommend you use the search box. Simply type in the name of the movie, click Enter.
  • Do you want to download a movie on your mobile phone and then stream later? It’s yet another feature available for you. Below the video, you’ll see a LINK to download the video.
  • Enjoy streaming of movies for free.

Hope this guide, shows you how to watch Movies on Movie4k.io absolutely free. If you encounter any problem, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, through the comment box below.

Download Waptrick Music Songs: How to Download and Stream Mp3 On Waptrick com


Are you in need of a website, which is both reliable and stress-free download all kinds of music for your Mobile phone? Allowed me the honor of introducing to you, Waptrick Music.

Waptrick Music is an official portal and category, which is owned and managed by www waptrick com official portal. Take note that this article today is a guide to teach you, how to download on Waptrick Mp3 Songs.

In all honesty, getting songs on Waptrick are 100% free and you don’t need to pay anyone a single cent, why Waptrick Music is amazing, is because you get to download it on your mobile device, just in case you don’t know, Waptrick is 100% mobile compatible.

waptrick music download

Another amazing fact about waptrick is that it’s one of the oldest and most reliable sites, after which, you get portals like HotWap and Wapdam, which also offer similar services. The only difference between these websites I just mentioned and Waptrick, is that it has more contents than the others.

One reason why Million of users prefers Waptrick Music category is because it’s well arranged and carefully placed, to allow you to locate them easily and effortlessly.

This guideline is to aid you on how to easily navigate this amazing Mobile portal, without encountering any hitch or problem.

Since 2018, a recent update on this site shows that Waptrick is not just 100% friendly, but 100% PC friendly too. This means that you get to enjoy this site on your smartphone, and atthe same time, on your Laptop or Computer.

Unlike other Music websites, this site loads fast, and to think that this site contains hundreds of thousands of entertainment, am amazed at the loading speed.

The genres of music you will find on this site include, but not limited to the following:

  • Dance,
  • Hip Pop,
  • Rap Songs,
  • Country Music,
  • Classical music,
  • Reggae,
  • Folk
waptrick music
Example of Searching Music on waptrick. Here, I searched for Beehoven, and I got all his music available on Waptrick Music

Features Of Waptrick- Waptrick Mp3 Songs

There are lots of features that make this site very attractive. The music you download here on this site, including other files is one hundred percent free and without any charges.

The reason why this site is popular around the world is the security it provides her users. Downloading Mp3 in Waptrick is free from virus, which is harmful and could easily damage your device.

Search Box: Another button on this portal I find extremely useful, is the search box. This search button makes it easier for you to download any available files, music, songs on this website. The search box makes it extra faster and easier for you.

For those who are eagerly awaiting the procedures on how to get Music, here’s it. Follow this steps on how to download music from waptrick.com without encountering any difficulty. The steps are very easy to follow.

How to Download Waptrick Music

Getting Mp3, Movies from Waptrick is amazingly simple. The first step is to visit the official website here www.waptrick.one. When it loads up, all you need to do, is a simple and quick search of the song that you need.

Take note that you can search for any song of your choice, by making use of the search bar located at the top of the site. Enter the name of the song and once it appears, click on the song and a download link comes up, below the song or the artist.

You can also search for the name of an artist too, it will show all its music available on Waptrick.
Once you’re through with the search, simply “click” on the Download button to carefully avoid clicking on the Ads.

Then on the next page, you get to choose the file size you want to download, either full or short music, depending on your phone memory and Internet bundles.

After choosing the file size, you also need to select the method of download. The methods available are as follows:

  • Slow,
  • Fast and Standard

For this review, I decided to test both out on my Infinix phone, and I discovered that the Slow download, is set to download a limited number of KB per Minutes. I’ll advise you to use the fast download for faster and high-speed download speed, this depends on your internet connection strength and speed.

However, if by any chance you did not see the Mp3 music you were searching for, I’ll recommend you to try out these portals – Mp3 SkullToxicwap, Kickwap or Wapdam.

Recommended Improvement

The one problem I find with Waptrick is it’s never ending display of ads. So, before you click on any link, take a careful look at it, to avoid going to other websites.

Lagos Postal Code | List of all Lagos State Postal Code for Streets, Communities, LGA


Here is the official List of all Lagos Postal code. If you’re residing in Lagos state, and would love to know the lagos postal code, then see them here.

This is the Full List of Lagos Postal Code/ Zip Code, including Ikeja Area, Lekki, Badagry, and all other communities, Local government areas in Lagos State.

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IN this article, I combined all the L.G.A, Communities and cities of Lagos State postal codes and zip code together.

I have written the capital city of Nigeria, ABUJA postal codes. You can go check it out.

So if you’re staying within Lagos state or outside the state, but want the zip codes, you’ve got it here. list of all local government area, zip, post code of Lagos state AKA Center of Excellence.

lagos postal code

Complete List of Lagos Nigeria Postal Code

As I’ve early mentioned, the Nigerian zip/postal code is six digits in number, while the official Lagos Postal Code for Ikeja postal office is 100001.

Am sharing the full and complete list Lagos state zip code by district and area.

Agege L.G A Zip Codes.

Agege, Lagos – 100283.

Oko Oba Agege,Lagos – 100284.

Ifako Agege, Lagos – 100215.

Ajeromi Ifelodun L.G.A Zip Codes.

District: Ajeromi – 102103.

Aiyetoro Ajeromi, Araromi Ajeromi, Ashafa, Awodi, Cardoso, Layeni, Onibaba, Orodu, Temidire, Tolu.

Alimosho L.G A Zip Codes

Alimosho, Lagos – 100275.

Egbe, Lagos – 100276.

Amuwo Odofin L.G.A, Lagos Postal Code.

District: Amuwo odofin – 102102.

Agboju, Alakija, Amuwo Odofin, Etegbin, Ibese, Ilado Odo, Masamasa, Old Ojo Road, Oluti, Owode.

District: Trade fair complex – 102101.

Abagbo, Abule Ade, Abule Aka, Abule Aliu, Abule Aregbe, Abule Osun, Ade Village, Agaja, Agaja Asani, Agala, Agonu, Ajangbadi, Alaba, Egan, Etegbin, Iba Ibese, Ibode, Idoluwo, Ifako, Igbede, Igboelerin, Ijanikin, Ikare, Ikotun (Ojo), Ilase, Ilogbo, Irewe, Moba, Ojo Town, Okokomaiko, Omomo Meta, Sagbokij, Tafi, Trade fair complex.

Badagry L.G.A Zip Codes

District: Badagry – 103101.

Abia, Afoo, Agbojedo, Age Mowo, Agonvi, Agorin, Agumo, Aivoji Beach, Ajido, Akarakunmo, Alakoto Meji, Apa, Aseri Owode, Asipa Beach, Dadi Esepe, Dado, Farasime, Ganyingbo Oke, Ganyingbo Topa, Garafa, Gbaji, Genme, Ibereko, Ibeye, Ibuku, Idale, Ijotun, Ilado, Ilagbo Badagry, Imeke, Ipako, Ipara, Iragbo, Irosu, Itoga Gbo, Itoga Zanmu, Iworo, Iyaafin, Magbon Iibiye, Magbon Ilado, Morogbo, Ojogun, Okio Afo, Okogbo, Okun Padre, Povita, Ropoju, Sakpo Beach, Samo Ekun Parapo, Samo Seje, Shoko, Sito Beach, Topo, Tosavi Beach, Yeketome, Yesufu Beach, Yovoyan.

Ajara Agamathem Vetho/ Ibereko – 103211.

Asago Sango – 103241.

Ascon – 103242.

Bereks/Surulere – 103251.

Seme Badagry – 103261.

Epe L.G.A Zip Codes

District: Agbowa – 106104.

Abute Marine, Ado (Agbowa), Agbowa, Ago Hausa, Ago Owu, Ajebo, Ebute Otta, Egun, Ibelefun, Ideno, Idi Oparun, Iganke, Igbein, Ikosi, Ikosi Beach, Imagba, Imesan, Imokpe, Imope, Imoru, Itoikin, Magun, Mubeju, Odo Ayandolu, Oke Oso, Oko Abe, Onijawajawa, Orepete, Orugbo, Ota Ikosi, Otta Ikosi.

District: Ejinrin – 106102.

Abaruwa, Bodun, Egan Senyindo, Ejinrin, Eleju, Esemeoke, Igbodu, Igbodu Ejunrin, Igboku, Itoikin, Iwoye, Jimaire, Ketu, Ketu Ejinrin, Ladekan, Mafo, Malajoye, Motakan, Mutaku, Ologogoro, Orita, Oruda, Sala, Seidu, Sekungba, Sekungbe, Tamu, Tilowuro Ejinrin.

District: Epe – 106101

Aba Apapa, Aba Ilaje, Aba Isoko, Aba Onigbagbo, Aba Onikian, Aba Oyinbo, Aba Titun, Abaketa, Abapawa, Abejoye, Abomit, Abomiti, Aboriji, Abosioto, Abule Alabi, Abule Alagbon, Abule Fowoseye, Abule Ligali, Abule Pamo, Abule Soko, Afero, Agidi, Agogoigi Ise, Ajaganbari, Ajebandele, Akata, Akodo Ire, Akodo Ise, Alapako, Apala, Araga, Araromi, Asipo Epe, Ayesan, Bodun, Bolorunpelu, Boluduro, Ebute Agbejoye, Ebute Asagun, Ebute Imosan, Ebute Kosu, Ehin Osa, Emina Pry School, Enuito, Epe, Erepoto, Erese, Ereshe, Eyin Osa, Fowosodi, Iba Onigbado, Ibon, Idaso, Idi Afon, Idi Orogbo, Idomu, Igbo Apawa, Ijayo, Ikeran, Ilamija, Ilege, Ilogbo Igbogun, Ilogun, Ilumofin, Imamusa, Imeba, Imedu, Imeki, Imeki Ebutte, Imeki Oke, Imobido, Imogo, Ipesu, Iraiye Oke, Isan, Ise, Ita Oke, Ita Oko Ilana, Ito Omu, Ito Osun, Jagun, Kula, Ladaba, Ladega, Lamija, Luboye, Mafogunde Kekere, Mafogunde Nla, Mausa Oke, Mayunre, Mejono, Mekke, Moro, Moyopa, Mudana, Murtala Botanical Garden, Noforija, Obada, Odo Egiri, Odo Mola, Offin, Ofin, Ogbun, Oguntedo, Ojota, Ojota Epe, Oju Olobun, Oju Olokun, Oke Osho, Okegun, Okepa, Okera Igbodu, Oko Abe, Oko Ira Epe, Oko Orisan, Okun Abaketa, Okun Imosan, Okun Lape, Olorunshogo, Olorunsogo, Omu, Onija, Onisawasawa, Orafa, Oregun, Orepete, Oriba, Origele, Orita, Orita Emuna, Oriyanrin, Orogele, Oropo, Owode Ise, Owota, Pakiti, Poka, Sabi, Saga, Take, Take Nla, Temu, Tiye, Ubuja, Wolaye, Yeguda.

District: Erodo – 106103.

Aba Alaiye, Agodo Tagelu, Agodo Towolo I & II, Ajegbende, Dagbayan, Egan, Eganringan, Egbe, Emulu, Eredo, Erimope, Ese Ebute, Gunupa, Ibonwon, Ibowon, Ideki, Idimu, Igboiye, Igbonla, Igboye, Iji, Ijoyin, Ikosun, Ilara, Imagba, Imeru, Imokun, Ipala, Iraye Oke, Iwajaye, Kula, Loworoworo, Mafo, Mogo Oluwo, Mojoda, Odi Asunsin, Odo Ajogun, Odo Egiri, Odo Gbawojo, Odo Noforija, Odo Ragunsen, Odogbonle, Odomola, Odoragunshin, Ogbim, Ogigoyin, Ojodehin, Oke Egan, Oke Ipa, Okenla, Oko Egan, Oko Lagbade, Okotto, Ole Odo, Ololo, Orile Ejo, Orita Eri, Orokan, Orugbo, Talara Efomi, Talara Oke, Talaso, Timeruku, Toguye, Toliiwuro Eredo, Uyiren.

Eti Osa L.G A, Lagos Postal Code – 101233

Ibeju L.G.A Zip Codes

District: Ibeju – 105101.

Aba Igbekele, Aba Oriyabrin, Abegede, Abijo, Abule Panu, Adeba, Agbowa Onibeju, Aiyeteju Ofiran, Ajegbenwa, Ajibade, Akodo, Arapagi, Arapagi Ojoko, Araromi, Araromi Tope, Awoyaya, Badore, Batedo, Bodije, Debojo, Dongo, Ebute Itamarun, Efiran, Eleko, Eleputu, Emu, Eputu, Gbogije Ibeju, Iba, Iba Oloja, Iba Onigangan, Ibeju, Iberekodo, Idaado, Idado, Idi Orogbo, Idiori, Igando, Igando, Oloja, Igando Orudu, Ilado, Imagbon Alade, Imagbon Oloja, Imagbon Segun, Imalefalafia, Imegun, Ito Omu, Iwerekun, Iweso, Kajola, Kalepewo, Kekuru, Lagasa, Lakowe, Lalagasa, Magbon Alade, Malara (Ibehu), Mopo Onibeju, Mosayo, Moseju, Mosere Ikoga, Mushiri Kogo, Ogodi, Ogogoro, Oguntedo, Oju Oto, Oko Oba, Okunegun, Okunsolu, Olumofin, Oribanwa, Orimedu, Orofin, Pakere, Sapati, Solu, Solu Alade, Tagbati, Tagbawoyi, Talano Oke, Yaba Ibeju.

Ikeja L.G.A, Lagos Postal Code/Zip Code – 100001

Ikorodu L.G.A Zip Codes

District: Ikorodu rural – 104101.

Abe Abo, Abule Ajeregun.

District: Irepodun – 104102.

Abule Ajebo, Abule Eko, Abule Odudu, Abule Oguro, Abule Onipepeye.

Kosofe L.G A Zip Codes – 105102.

Abaketa, Aboreji, Akodoise, Apakin.

Ojo L.G.A Zip Codes

District: Ajangbadi ikemba house – 102107.

Church St, Jejelaiyi St, Jinadu St, Maxuvell St, Vrizole St, Wale Boy St.

District: Alaba – 102115.

Ahmed Remi St, Amed St, Ayodele St, Bale St, Benue St, Chief Remi, Collins St, Durojaye St, Elico St., Emodi St, Ibitoja St, Ilupe Road, Johnson St, Nurudeen St, Obagoriola St, Obodo St, Obodozie St, Odenigbo St, Ojo Igbede Road, Olatunji St, Olaya Street, Oshunmakinde St, Osumeyi St, Sowemimo St, St. Patrick Church Road, St. Peter?s Road, Ubiaro St, Ugonwoke Close, Ukpo St.

District: Iba Town New Site – 102112.

Abanise, Adebayo Elemida St, Akamo Obawole, Alape St, Alh Yisa Close, Alhaji Akintayo Akinwale, Alhaji Amoo, Alhala, Arafumi, Chemist Otusile, Church, Ekeh Naoaulay, Eleda Avenue, Eleshina Nla, Fiald, Idomila Street, Idoyewo Street, Ikogun St, Imesan St, Junction, Mosadi Olorun, Musafau St, Oba Goriola Avenue, Obawola, Odion, Olabanjo, Olanrewaju Olafara, Omotoba St, Oniba Drive, Onikesi St, Ore Lope Bus Stop, Oriada Lane, Rapheal Oguntibeju, St. Ritas, Sula Dada, Unity.

District: Igbede – 102109.

Abiodun Crescent, Akpeji Lane, Baale Compound, Celestial St, Daodu Close, Demonrin St, Essa Compound, Freedom St, Ifelodun St, Igbamoni St, Mashebinu Street, Odolokun Compound, Okeosa Close, Okesuna Compound, Omo Ajero St, Oremeji St, Oyofuta St, Unity Crescent.

District: Ilemba Awori – 102108.

Bello St, Bodee Ogungbade St, Bonny St, Janno Junction Roundabout, Orisan St, Raimi Shola St, Yotomi St, Yusuff St.

District: Ilogbo – 102110.

Adeyemi St, Agbonlale St, Ajayi St, Ajoke St, Alatiowo St, Atimi Busari St, Ayeni St, Babalola St, Balogun St, Ebenezer Oyinde St, Elegba Ilogbo, Era Road, Ifebajo St, Ikahon St, Ikala st, Ikalewi Street, Ilogbo Kajola, Jagede Street, Joseph Babatunde Street, Keminho Street, Miniru Street, Mosudolf Alatewo St, Obi Sommy Close, Oka Jewu St, Olawunmi St, Olusegun St, Olutarmde St, Otumba Martins Close Oka Agbo Road, Rasaki Salami Close, Shiaa Adeyemo St, Sound Foundation St, Sun ? Ray Close, W/s st, Yusuf Street.

District: Ira – 102114.

Ajakaiye Street, Alimi Street, Alli Street, Ariyo Street, Aryo Shogunle Street, Badagry Exp Way, Badagry St, Cele Street, Church St, College Road, Community Road Ilaje, Community Secondary School, Dawuda St, Dele Oyefolu St, Govt. College (Model Ojo, Hassan St, Ilaje St, Ilwa Crescent, Johnson / Safinatu St, Morolake Ibiwoye St, Odun St, Ogun Close, Ojo High School, Oke ? Ola St / Oke ? Ola Close, Olumide Mafo Str, Olusegun Fatuniyele St, Orisumbare Close, Oseni St, Seidu Giwa St, Surulere St, Tayo OyenumbiSt, Yusuf St.

District: Ojo – 102101.

Abagbo, Abule Ade, Abule Aka, Abule Aliu, Abule Aregbe, Abule Osun, Ade Village, Agaja, Agaja Asani, Agala, Agonu, Ajangbadi, Alaba, Egan, Etegbin, Iba, Ibese, Ibode, Idoluwo, Ifako, Igbede, Igboelerin, Ijanikin, Ikare, Ikotun, (Ojo), Ilase, Ilogbo, Irewe, Moba, Ojo Town, Okokomaiko, Omomo Meta, Sagbokij, Tafi, Trade fair complex.

District: Okokomaiko PPL Cassidy – 102105.

Adeshina Street, Agbote Street, Ago Hausa Street, Ajia ijesha Street, Aka Road, Alhaja Memunat Street, Apeke Street, Arufa treet, Badagry Express Way, Bello St, Isijola St, Jengbadun St, Kemberi Road, Oba ? Ahwi St, Olanrewaju St, Olowotabutabu St, Olugbemi Street, Oni Ajisafe Street, Orunu Street, Otubu, Estate Street, Rasheed Babatunde Street, Seriki Street, Tajudeen Street.

District: Olojo – 102113.

Aberepo, Alhaja Risikatu St, Alhaji Shitu, Awori College, Badagry Exp. Way, BaleStreet, Balogun Road, Bamigbehin Street, Cele St, Costain / Yanoba, Costain St, Dada, Ebun Otti St, Eruobodeo, Ibaroko St, Ijisu St, Ilado Ilemo St, Ilufe Road, Mapowu Rd, Market St, Neppa Rd, Oba Danda / Ayilara St, Obaduodu Cl, Oloja Drive Road, Ona Odo St, Palace Rd, Surulere St.

District: Shibiri Ekune – 102111.

Adas Street, Adekoya Street, Afolabi Street, Aino Abiola Street, Akin Abiola Street, Alada Street, Bamingo Street, Bunmi Ajakaiya St, CeletialSt, Ekegbia Road, Emude Road, Hassan St, Ifelodun St, Jenadu St, Jenathan Adeoye St, Kartmu St, Olokobi St, Olowokparia St, Orisunmibare St, Rasaki St, Santana St, Shibiri Road.

You’ve got it, this is the complete list of Lagos Postal Code for streets, Local government area, communities and cities.

How to Verify the Authenticity of Your Car Plate Number Online


Hello there, Techopera.com is bringing to you, a very important message and information. To all Car owners and owners to be, we’re pleased to inform you, that you can now verify the originality, authenticity of your plate number.

As you may have known, several persons have fall victim, by buying fake plate numbers and running into a problem with the Nigeria federal road safety corps, because the plate number they purchased, thinking it’s original.

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Well, you can now wave goodbye to this issue forever, because the federal road safety corps has created a verification page, where ever car owners in Nigeria, can verify the authenticity of their plate numbers.

verify plate number online


  1.  Log on to www.nvis.frsc.gov.ng
  2.  When the website loads, continue by clicking on “Verify Number Plate” at the top right-hand corner of the home page or Click Here directly to take you directly to the National Vehicle Identification system portal.
  3.  Make sure you enter or supply your Number Plate in the blank box provided.
  4.  Click on “Verify ” button


You can also choose to verify your plate number through SMS, by following this guideline.
Just send the Number Plate in The following format ”verifyplateno the number plate” to 33810. Here is an example of what am saying;
“verifyplateno ABC123AA” to 33810

Important Note

Please take note that there is no space between “verifyplateno” when sending the code and plate number to 33810.

Also, ensure that there is space between verifyplateno and the registration number.
While writing down your plate numbers, make sure that there is no space between the number “ABC123AA”

Good luck and if you come across any problem, please do use the comment box to reach out to us, and we’ll help you.

Download Zonkewap Music MP3, MP4 – www.zonkewap.com


Zonkewap Music – Do you know that you can download Zonkewap Music in Mp3 and Mp4 for free?

If you have been searching for the best music downloading website, then I’ll highly recommend you to check out www.zonkewap.com.

Zonkewap have been providing Millions of users with awesome Music for years, and the most interesting part? It’s hundred (100%) free. With Zonkewap, you get the place where you can easily download free and latest music online.

Zonkewap is among the most popular Wapsites where you get to download Music, best free music, games, videos and other apps.

Here on this page, I will be providing you with the guideline on how to download free music, games or movies and series of other stuff.

However, Before I provide you with the guide on downloading Zonkewap Music, I would love to list below here the categories of Zonkewap download.

List of Zonkewap Categories

  • Photos.
  • Mobile Wallpapers
  • Mobile Themes
  • Videos
  • Latest mp3 songs
  • Mobile Game

Features of Zonkewap Downloads

These are the major features of this amazing mobile website.

  • Downloading Music is free and easy.
  • One of it’s finest feature is that you can play any music there for free.
  • This wapsite is 100% secure and free of charge.
  • It is fast and easy to navigate.
  • You get to download free games.
  • Zonkewap is a virus free web site, meaning that there is no virus.

How to Download Zonkewap MP3 Music

Downloading Music from this portal is relatively easy, just follow the guidelines below to download ZonkeWap Music.

  1. Open your web browser and visit the official platform(https://www.zonkewap.com).
  2. Take note that this site is specifically created for Mobile users, though it’s PC, Laptop friendly.
  3. When the portal loads up, proceed and select the music section, then click on the music categories you wish to download e.g rap, romantic music, instrument music, hip-hop etc.
  4. You get access to millions of Music there. Simply choose the music of your choice and click on the download button.
  5. Ringtones are also available on this portal through the music sections.

Brief History

Zonkewap was created and is owned by a South African. This portal gives you access to freely download Apps, Videos, Mp3 songs, Ebook & Ringtones 100% free.

The zonkewap is owned and managed by Waptrick.

iRoko Tv: How to Download Nigerian Movies from iRoko TV on Phones and TV


Have you ever thought of watching Nigerian Movies? Then iRoko TV should be on your list.

iRoko TV is unarguably the biggest African movies digital distributor in the world today, thanks to the innovative idea behind this company.

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This Movie watching platform is currently filled with Nollywood short Movies, series and season movies. You now have the chance and opportunity to download and watch Nollywood content.

The funny part is that iRoko TV is known in Africa as the “African Netflix.”

Currently, iRokoTV has more than 5,300 Nollywood Movies available on its database, and better still, users have the option of watching any Movies through iRokoTv mobile App or TV app.


There are lots of categories (genres) of Movies available on this platform, which includes drama, comedy, Family, Comedy, Action, Crime, Traditional, horror, etc.

iroko tv genres

However, before you can start watching Nollywood Movies on iRokoTv, you need to install and download the app.

The app is available on Google Play and iOS stores. This is how you can download the iRoko Tv app and start watching your favorite African Movies.

How to Download and Use the iRoko TV Mobile App

This is the easiest step on how you can download the iRoko TV mobile app from the Google Store and use it to watch movies on your smartphone.

• Goto the Google PlayStore App on your smartphone,
• Tap on it and in the search box, type in “iRoko Tv”.
• The official iRoko TV app will be the first to show on your screen, tap on it and click the “Install” button
• After installation, open the iRokoTV app and choose the “I am a new member option.”
• On the next page, you are to choose your country and provide your phone number, which will be used for verification. You must verify your phone number before you will be able to use this app.
• Tap the “Continue” button after which you will get an SMS verification code sent to your phone number.
• Go back to the app and type in the verification code and click “Verify”; once this step is complete, you will be able to log into the iRokoTV application.

When you follow the above guide, your registration will be successful, and you can easily log in to your iRokoTV mobile app.

Features of Iroko TV App

Here are the features of this app, I will be explaining each feature, so you know how to use this app to the maximum.

User Profile: A user profile is where a registered Member will see their personal information and the in-app settings.

Search: This option, just like other search functions, helps you search for your favorite Nollywood movies, providing you with instant and relevant results.

TV Series: This is the section where you watch and follow your favorite TV shows and family programmes easily. You get to see the most recent updates, new series and other important announcements through this section.


Lastly, the Download section is the most important part and functionality of this App. Through this feature, you get to easily download Nigerian movies of your choice. First, you pick a movie then you tap the “Download” button.

How to Download Nigerian Movies and Watch with Iroko TV App

iroko tv television app

Here is how to download the app on your TV and use it to watch movies and TV shows directly on your Television. Amazing, right?

Few people are aware that they can watch Nigerian Movies directly on their Television, all thanks to iRoko Tv.

With the IrokoTV app, you can easily watch movies on your television set. However, you will need to use an Android TV box before you can install the app on your TV set.

I will be starting from the very beginning, follow this instruction carefully, and you can start watching Nigerian Movies on your TV with an Android Tv Box.

  • First, switch on the Android TV box. Before anything else, make sure you connect the TV box to your TV set. This can be achieved either with an HDMI cable which is included in the Android Tv box, or you can get any HDMI cable available. It will work perfectly fine.
  • Be certain that the Box is completely loaded before you go through this next step.
  • When it is completely loaded, open the Google Play Store app.
  • When the app opens, find the search bar which is located at the top of the Google Play Store app. You can use the mouse or cursor control option if the “arrow” buttons on your remote cannot reach the bar.
  • Tap the bar and type ” IrokoTV.”
  • You will see various results, simply click on the first result and download the app. After downloading “Tap on the “Install” button.

If you are viewing this article on your TV, simply skip the above step and download the app by Clicking Here.

  • When the App has been successfully installed, just open the iRoko TV app and tap on ” I am a new member” to begin your registration. Next, choose your location from the list of countries which is displayed on the next screen. After selecting your country of residence, enter your phone number for verification.
  • Tap the “Continue” option to go to the next page. An SMS message with a verification code will be sent to your phone number.
  • Enter the verification code sent as an SMS in the verification box provided.
  • Lastly, click on the “Verify” button, when you’re verified, you can now log into the IRokoTv application on your television.

At this point, the app will be on your television. But it’s default set to be in “portrait” mode.

This is to say that you have to navigate your Television screen with the mouse option and not the “arrow” buttons on your TV’s remote control. Like a regular Android mobile app, you will need to log in your details.

The app will send a passcode as an SMS to your phone. You will need to use this code to have access to your account and your login will be successful.

After typing the code sent to you into the blank box provided, you will have access to your favorite IrokoTv shows and movies.

Final Conclusion

I sincerely hope that this article helps you in downloading and watching your favorite Nollywood Movies, Tv series, programmes, etc.

If you have any inquiries, encounter any problem, don’t hesitate to reach us through the comment box below.

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Hotwap : Your #1 Mobile Site for Movie Download, Videos – Stream hotwap Movies


Another Website I would love to introduce to you is hotwap. Hotwap is a portal that covers everything on Movie downloads, streaming Movies online and watching Videos online.
Unlike other wap sites like Kickwap, Wapdam or Waptrick, Hotwap covers ONLY Movies and Videos streaming website. So today on this amazing site review, I will be sharing with you, the complete details you need.

What is Hotwap?

Just like I explained earlier on, hotwap is a website which is solely created to cover all types of videos. It allows you to stream countless numbers of videos online for free. When using Hotwap, it makes every video you’re watching, Movies you’re streaming, 100% mobile friendly and compatible with your device.

Hotwap History?

As at the time of writing this content, I discovered that this year is making Hotwap website, 16.5 years old. Meaning that this website was created around the year, 2001 – 2002. Amazing years this site has been working.

How to Download Videos from Hotwap

To download video from this site is very easy. All you need to do is simply to visit the wapsite, navigate to the video you want to download and click on Download.
Update: There seems to be a little glitch on this site, as it has stopped opening for sometimes now. From all indications, it seems like the owners of this portal have decided to call it quits after all these years of providing us, with amazing contents and entertaining videos.


Seriously, I won’t leave you to simply shrug this off, and go search for other Hotwap.com alternatives. Here on this website, I will be showing you, the best alternatives to Hotwap.
These alternatives are much better and content-filled than Hotwap because, on waptrick, you get to download Movies, latest episodes, Videos, Funny videos, Comedies, Football matches, WWE fights, among countless others. You can access Waptrick by CLICKING HERE
The second alternative I’ll highly suggest to you is Wapdam. This is another amazing portal for all Mobile Users, www wapdam contains lots of amazing contents, Latest Music, latest Movies, Mp3 free downloads, and countless others. You can check it out by CLICKING HERE

Airtel Android Data Plans: Airtel Subscription for Android, Blackberry Codes and Prices


Airtel Nigeria certainly knows how to grab customers and make them want more. Airtel have been providing subscribers and luring other network subscribers with amazing offers.

First, they provided users with the Airtel 1GB for ₦300, and this was followed by so many mouth watering offers, that old customers can’t even think of leaving this network, not even when MTN introduced the MTN 4GB for N1000 (30days) / 1GB for N200 package.

If you’re looking and searching for the best Airtel Android Data Plan, including the Airtel subscription code for your Andriod or Blackberry smart device, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, we provide our readers with amazing and well researched Airtel Data Plan for Android with the appropriate subscription codes here and the fees.

The truth is that all these bundles listed here works perfectly fine on all devices, and not just on the Android smartphones.

You can check out some of the best of Airtel Android Data Plan from the list below, and pick the best internet bundle that suits you. Tak note that you can easily subscribe to any of the plans below, using the codes provided below and check your data balance.

You can check your Airtel data balance NOW by Clicking Here


1.5GB For ₦1,000

The first place is called Android 1.0. With this package, you get 1.5GB of data for just ₦1,000 only. This package is valid for 30 days.

Activation code:  Dial *496# on your airtel line to subscribe.

Fee: N1000;
Validity: 30 days;
Activation code: *496#

ANDROID 2.0 | 3.5GB | For N2,000

This package is called the Android 2.0, and it gives subscribers, a whooping 3.5GB for just ₦2,000 only.

This package is valid for 30 days.

Data: 3.5GB;
Fee: N2000;
Validity: 30 days;
Activation code: *437#


The 3rd plan is called Android 2.5, and gives users 5GB for ₦2500 only. This package is valid for 30 days.

Activation code:  Dial *437*1# on your airtel line to subscribe

Data:  5GB;
Fee: N2500;
Validity: 30 days;
Activation code: *437*1#


The next internet bundle is called Android 3.5, and users who prefer to activate this bunlde will be receiving 7GB for ₦3,500

This package is also valid for 30 days.

Activation code:  Dial *438# on your airtel line to subscribe

Data:  7GB;
Fee: ₦3,500;
Validity: 30 days;
Activation code: *438#


The Andriod 4.0 package comes with massive data for subscribers. This package gives users an amazing 9GB for ₦4,000 (Four thousand Naira only)

This bundle is valid for 30 days.

Activation code:  Dial *438*1# on your airtel line to subscribe

Data:  9GB;
Fee: ₦4,000;
Validity: 30 days;
Activation code: *438*1#

Airtel 12GB for ₦5,000

This is a package for heavy Users. If you’re interested in buying this amazing bundle, here is how to achieve it.

A ₦5,000 airtime will get you 12GB on the Airtel network, which is valid for 30days. Simply Dial *452# to subscribe.

Data: 12GB;
Fee: ₦5,000;
Validity: 30 days;
Activation code: *452#

Airtel 24GB for ₦8,000

This is one package you won’t see been advertise online or offline. For Eight thousand Naira (N8,000), Airtel Nigeria gives her subscribers an amazing 24GB which is valid for 30 days!

Data: 24GB;
Fee: ₦8,000;
Validity: 30 days;
Activation code: *460#

Airtel Blackberry Subscription Plans

This is the Airtel blackberry plan which works ONLY on blackberry devices. Before going further, I would love to repeat it here, that the above Airtel android data bundles works perfectly fine on all Blackberry devices.

However, if you want to purchase a direct and MADE for Blackberry package from Airtel, then I’ll recommend you try the plan below.

You can now easily connect, chat and stay up to date with Airtel BlackBerry Complete plan, which gives all subscribers 3GB for just ₦1,000 only. This plan is valid for 30 days.

You can now activate the Airtel blackberry complete internet package using the guide provided below.


This internet package gives all Blackberry users, 3GB at a price of ₦1,000 only, which is valid for 30 days.

Activation code:  Dial *431# on your airtel line to subscribe

Data:  3GB;
Fee: ₦1,000;
Validity: 30 days;
Activation code: *431#

List of all Airtel Data Plans and Subscription Codes

Airtel Daily Bundles

Data: 30MB
Fee: ₦100
Validity: 3 days
Activation code: *412#

Airtel Weekly Bundles

Data: 80MB
Fee: ₦300
Validity: 7 Days
Activation code:*417#

Data: 750MB
Fee: ₦500
Validity: 14 days
Activation code:*418#

Airtel Weekend and Night Data Plans

Airtel Nigeria has a wonderful package for night subscribers and surfers. There is a a specific bundle and date for those who browse more during the night hours and weekend days.

Airtel’s night plans and weekend plans are best for those who will be surfing the internet during these times. These packages work well with all smartphones, iOS, iPhones, iPad, Modems, Router, Mifi, etc.

Airtel Weekend Data Bundles

The Weekend plan is caled:


This package gives you an amazing 200MB for N200 during weekends.
To activate, simply dial *472# (Usable between 12am Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday)


This is another weekend plan that gives all subscribers on this network, 500MB worth of Airtel data for just N500.

To activate, simply dial *473# (Also usable between 12am Saturday and 11:59pm on Sunday)

Airtel’s Time Based Plans (Night Plans)

This time-based data bundle from Airtel Nigeria has been regarded as one of the best among users, majorly because it gives users unlimited internet access within a specific period of time.

The good news is that this package is usable between 12am and 5:59 am (any day of the week), so you can also address them as night plans.

Warning: The Airtel time based new plan subscription code works ONLY on few simcards.

TIME-BASED 30 – This package gives you 30 minutes unlimited browsing and download for N300.
To activate,simply dial *439*3#

TIME BASED 60 – In this package, you’re given unlimited internet access for 60 minutes. This package will cost you N500.
To activate, simply dial *439*4#

In this package, you’re given unlimited internet access for 3 hours. This package will cost you N1,000 to activate. Simply dial *481*2# to activate this bundle.

Airtel WTF Plans (Social Plans)

Just like the name suggest, this plan works only on Social Media apps and websites.

Airtel Whatsapp, Twitter and Facebook (WTF) Plan cost subscribers N200,and it’s valid for 30 days.

You can activate the Airtel WTF bundle by dialling *990#.

Airtel Opera Mini Plan

There is new package called the Airtel Operamini plan. With N300,you can activate this package which is valid for 30 days.

This plan gives you unlimited browsing with only Opera mini.

You can activate this plan by dialing *885*1#

Etisalat Customer Care Line


Where Can I find the real Etisalat customer Care Line? Here on Techopera, we have the best and accurate answer for you.

We’ve received so many messages from our readers worldwide, who want to know how they can contact Etisalat, speak to a customer support unit, etc.

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It’s not a big secret when I say that Etisalat is one of Africa most biggest Network.

Etisalat has one of the largest network subscribers in Africa. Which means that there are a lot of questions subscribers would love to know, which can be answered by Etisalat customer care.

If you have questions about the terms of service, Data bonus, and packages, Tariff charges, unfair airtime deduction, latest bonuses & deals etc, you can reach the Etisalat customer care line through any of these channels, and get an instant answer to your questions.

Etisalat customer care


With the Etisalat sim card, you can easily dial 200 and follow the instructions to talk to a customer representative.

Etisalat Official Customer Care Number: 08090000200

Etisalat customer service Email: Care@etisalat.com.ng

Twitter support service: Https://twitter.com/0809ja_support

0809-0000200 from any other Mobile line
+234-809-0000200 from any International line
Etisalat Customer E-mail: care@etisalat.com.ng
Fax: 0809-0000201
Etisalat Nigeria Online Customer Service Twitter @0809ja_support