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List Of Best Tele-Communication Network In Nigeria 2012

This article will be fun, but i’m pretty serious and going to say the truth, contemplating and checking out virtually every single Network in Nigeria, here are the best Four (4) Communication Networks In Nigeria With Proofs.
List Of The Four Best Networks In Nigeria.
1. Airtel Ng.
2. Glo Ng.
3. Etisalat Ng.
4. MTN Ng.
Please Note That This List is Also compiled from Users On The World Best Social Network,
This List is compiled after using these four networks and testing their GPRS Connection and Call Network Service Range.
airtel logo

Number 1 Network In Nigeria In Year 2012.
When it comes to the best Network in year 2012, you’ve got to give it to Airtel Ng, they’ve really improved and they offered so much services that Makes every Internet Lover to get their Sim.
Seriously, i’m using the Airtel 3G service Connection and they’re the fastest In Nigeria.
Airtel also have one of the best cheapest Call rates in Nigeria, To me and several other Nigerians, AIRTEL is the Best Network In Nigeria in 2012.
Airtel Ng has also helped sponsored several programs in Nigeria that has helped Young Nigerians in Several Ways.
Kudos To Airtel!!.
I Seriously Hope they keep up the Good Work in 2013.
Second Best Network In Nigeria:
Globacom Ng.

I’ve seen a massive improvement in Glo Users in 2012.as glo network Managers put more effort in Building their Network to become of the best in Nigeria, their GPRS/DATA PLAN is extremely fast and hardly before you’ll get server error.
However, glo hasn’t build their Network nor Covered all Parts Of Nigeria (36 States) as compared to Airtel.
But Glo Deserves Second Place in the List Of Best Networks In Nigeria in 2012.
I seriously hope they come first in 2013.
Best Third Tele-Communication Network In Nigeria:

They just came to Nigeria a few years ago, but they’ve really proof that they’re capable of getting of getting to the top, they’re really competitive, but in several areas in Nigeria, they just don’t have any Network Coverage, and when compared to Glo, Glo network Coverage is much bigger than them.
However, Come Year 2013 in a few Hours, i won’t be suprised that they’ll become 2nd or 1st.
Kudos To the Etisalat Network Managers, they’ve really done a great Job.
Wishing them a Better Year 2013.
Fourth Best Network In Nigeria: MTN NG.

Are you certain that i wrong?
Well, i might be, when you compared MTN NG network as a Communication provider, you might just cry out out.
Maybe Multi-links should be here.
However, Everything about MTN really Was scary in 2012.
Flipping Service, No Network For Days, GPRS network Just Nonsense.
For Example.
I LOAD my MTN simcard and decided to subscribed for the MTN 2HOURS bundle plan, only for ME to Wait hours without them crediting my Data Plan with the 150Mb For 2Hours.
I waited for close to 3hours, so i thought they didn’t recieved nor want to process my Request, only for me to check my account to see that they’ve not only Taken my Money,(250Naira) but they sent me a message that it’s exhausted!.
What’s Your Thought On the Best Four Networks In Nigeria For The Year 2012?
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Get Free 500MB From MTN Legally!! And Watch Free Videos On Your Mobile Phone


Respect To MTN for this wonderful Giveaway, mtn are currently giving out FREE 500 MEGABYTES (MB) To all her subscribers, MTN has really outdone themselves once More.
This Free 500MB works only for watching Video’s online, and it’s for Mobile Users.
Below is the Step by step guidelines on How To Get Your MTN Free MB For Free Browsing
mtn mobile tv
Please note that MTN has just lunched her new mobile access Data plan which enable you to watch movies on Your Mobile Phone.
This MTN Mobile Tv Plan also helps you to watch the latest new movies online.
This New Innovative MTN had just released is called ‘MTN MOBILE TV’.
MTN is giving out 500mb for 7days trail for free.
How To Get The MTN Free 500 MB To Watch Mobile Tv
Step 1:
Firstly, you’re required to visit www.mobiletv.mtnonline.com with your Mobile Phone web browser.
Step 2:
Secondly, when the above website has open on Your Browser, just close the browser and your Data plan bonus will be credited with 500mb FREE.
Step 3:
You can check your Free MB by typing *559#.
Instantly, you will have 500mb to watch Movies which is valid for Seven days Only.
Important Notice:
Please note that this MTN FREE MEGABYTES only work for Mobiletv only.
Which is to say that you can’t use it to browse or download.
I Sincerely believe you’ll start watching Movies on Your Mobile Phones for free now.
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Guidelines On How To Install And Play Ngage Games On My S60v3, S60v5 Symbian Nokia Phone!


If you have ever seen a Nokia Ngage Game, you’ll certainly know that playing one will certainly be Compared to Playing a PS2 or Xbox.
Nokia Ngage is a mobile phone which is specifically produced for game playing.
The Nokia Ngage games are 3D and 90% games are very interesting and breath taking.
Important Notice- Red Warning:
Please note that if you know you do not want to be a Game Addict, Please don’t read or work out this Tutorial on how to play the Nokia Ngage game on Nokia Mobile Symbian Phone, You should note that Ngage games are really addictive, if you are playing Playstation games.
However, the sad news is that Nokia Ngage Game doesn’t play on all nokia phones.
Because all Former Nokia Phones were not manufactured with this interesting feature.

Be happy and shout for Joy, because there is a chance for S60v3 Nokia Symbian Phones and S60v5 to get the Nokia Ngage Game feature on their Mobile phone.
All you need to play this awesome Game on Your Mobile Phone is just the ngage installer application.
However, this tutorial can only work on nokia mobile phones that has been h@cked.
So you must have h@cked your Nokia S60v3 or S60v5 to get the Ngage Installer Application features on Your Mobile phone.
How To Download, Install And Play Nokia Ngage Game On Nokia S60v3 and S60v5.
Step 1.
You are to Download ngage installer for your phone operating system version i.e S60v3 or S60v5 e.t.c.
Just go to Google.com and search for Your Nokia Mobile Phone Version, e.g
“Ngage Installer For S60v3”
“Ngage Installer For S60v5″.
Or Any of Your Phone version.
Step 2.
Then download and install the application on your phone memory(recommended) or Your Memory Card.
Step 3.
You are to wait until all the components have been successfully installed on your Nokia Mobile phone.
This requires you to select which memory to install it, then click continue during the installation process.
step 4.
After you have successfully installed the application on your mobile phone, Now download any ngage games of your choice and move it into ngage folder on your phone memory or memory card.
Then go to Google.com and in the Search Box, typed: Where to Download Ngage Games”.
Important Note:
Be aware that the Ngage Game file must be in a .ngage format or you are to extract it if it is in a .zip format.
Step 5.
After that, Just launch the ngage installer application and install the downloaded Ngage Game into your phone memory or memory card.
Step 6.
Wait, is there a step 6??
Yes there is!.
Now you can now enjoy your Nokia Ngage games on your Mobile Nokia Symbian Phones For FREE.
Important Notice:
Most a times, the Ngage Game installer might not work if Your Patches are Able.
So you are disable all patches if you have rompatcher on your phone. If not disabled, because if not disabled, the game will not run well.
ENJOY! and don’t forget to share with Your Friends on Facebook and Twitter.

Working Free Video Editor For Symbian Mobile Phones!For s60v3 and s60v5 Edition!


Most times, when going through applications in My Mobile Phone, i just wish i had an application that could give me the pleasure of editing video’s to my taste!.
Well, Good News for You and Me, as a video editor software has been created and could be DOWNLOAD FREE for your symbian s60v3 and s60v5 mobile phone.
This Mobile Video Editor Application Works like the software in PC, which is called windows movie maker.
This Mobile Video Editor can edit your video just like pc software, note that this Software is a very powerful software on Your Symbian Phone.
Note that symbian user who love editing Videos would really tripped for this Mobile Video Editing software.
1. It gives you the ability to cut any video to your desired length.
2. It gives you the ability to insert sound clip (mp3, amr,etc.)
3. Live Dubbing.
4. You can also removing sound clip from any video you used to.
5. You can also Dubb any Audio.
6. Even after editing, you can preview the Video before saving it.
7. Note that you are given the choice, in which the Video can be saved.
You can choose CIF, QVGA or
QCIF formats.

1. You can add any image of your choice to the Video.
2. You can insert audio in the image video you’re editing.
3. You can also transit images into fade, pan, oval, circle, blind, checker, board, dissolve , split, wheel, diamond, uncover, bow and you can choose all of them by choosing random.
4. You can even change the duration of the video and set it to 2 seconds, 4 seconds or whatever you want.
5. You can even moved images and to give them particular order to show in the video.
6. You can also insert text clip into the video.
7. There are many background colour for text clip on the video.
8. You can even choose or selected Text color of your choice.
9. You can also select Font size and style there are many effects you can add like sepia, blue, green etc.

This Is really a wonderful Mobile Video Editor, i bet you’ll love to download it?
Here’s the Download Link
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Where To Download Mozilla FireFox For Pc. Download Latest Mozilla FireFox 16 Here.


Can You Believe This?
You Can Now Download Mozilla FireFox 16, Excuse Me?
Yes I Mean FireFox 16 Browser On Your Laptop Or Pc!.
You and i know that Mozilla has not yet officially released the Mozilla FireFox 16 Version, But impatient has got the better side of me as i just search endlessly for a mean to have a taste of the Latest Firefox 16 Version.

This Isn’t the Beta Version.

Because while Mozilla Firefox Corporation are still preparing to officially announce the release of Firefox 16, Most Of Our Readers, likewise Us too, can’t just wait to use and have a taste of Firefox 16.

You can now download Firefox 16 for the following Brands.
1. Windows.
2. Mac.
3. Linus computer.

Do You know as at the time of publishing this article, FIREFOX 16 has not officially being released, but to download Firefox 16.0, just click on the link below.

How To Download Mozilla FireFox 16.0

Step 1.

Step 2.
Please Note that when the above page loads up, you have to select your computer’s OS and preferred Firefox language.

Important Notice:
Please Note That Firefox 16 is not yet available for mobile devices as at the time of publishing this article.

firefox 16.0, techopera.com, download mozilla firefox 16
TechOpera On Mozilla FireFox 16.0

But to get the official MOZILLA FIREFOX 16.0 release, you have to be up to date and visit the Mozilla firefox official website @ firefox.com

Mozilla Firefox will give out the official announcement(and produce the link for downloading Mozilla Firefox 16.0.

Till then, do stay tuned with TechOpera Team for more information and updates on Firefox 16 and Firefox Latest Developments.

How To Download And Play Nintendo (NES) Games On China Mobile Phones (Techno) And Others Phones!


When i saw this Tutorial on How To Play Nintendo Games On China Phones, including Tech Mobile Phones, i was really impressed, and when i tried it, Gracious Me, It Was WORKING!.

So i decide to give you the step by step guideline on how to download, install and Play Nintendo Mobile Games On Any China Mobile Phone For FREE.
This is a Short Tutorial App Review which was specially Created for China Phones to do incredible things which Normal Original Phones Can Do.
For all China Mobile Phone Users, You Can Play More Beautiful And Creative Games compared to what Symbian/Java Phones are Playing.
99% Of My Readers Will never believe that Nintendo Game could actually work on a Techno phone or a chinese mobile phone.
But be rest assured, with this simple guidelines below, you can play The Nes Game On Any Techno Mobile Phones Or Other China Mobile Phones For FREE!.

Guidelines On How To Download, Install And Play Nintendo (NES) Games On All China Phones.

Please Note that we are sharing with you, the step by step procedures, tips and tutorial on how to install games on your china phones.

Step 1.
Go to Your memory card Section, then go to Games Folder, While in Some Other Phones, it Might be GAME folder.
But if such folder never exist on your Memory Card, then you are to Create the GAMES Folder Yourself.

Step 2.
Then Copy *.nes Games in GAMES Folder.

Step 3.
After doing that, go to the Fun and Games Folder, go to GAMES Folder or EMUD GAME Folder.
In There, there Will Be Your Games Available.
Most China Mobile have no Refresh Option in the GAMES/EMUD Folder. So don’t Worry, just Open the EMUD GAME or GAMES there you can see all your Games.
But First, You Are To Download The NES GAME.

To download the Nintendo Game into your china phone, note that the game format will be in a .nes format.
To download the Nintendo game now, go to the following links below:


Any Questions? use the comment box Below.



Method On How To Get The N500 MTN Free Bonus With N2 [Two Naira] Instead of N100

It is no longer latest News that MTN just imitate Airtel‘s 5X Bonus, which is rewarding All her Customers 5X (Five Times) With their Normal Recharge and spend on that Day, and the Bonus Lasts ONLY for that Day.

MTN gives all her subscribers N500 when they use N100 per day and as the plan, the N500 bonus also expire at 12 O’clock that Midnight, it doesn’t matter if you finished or exhaust your Bonus, because it will expire on the Exact Time Frame.
If you recharged and use N100 Credit on Your MTN Simcard, you will be rewarded with N500 Bonus.
If you recharged and use N200 you get N1000.
To activate this MTN 5X Bonus Plan, you’ll need to first dial *507# and make sure you receive a confirmation sms asking you to enjoy the bonus as you used N100 recharge card.

Back to the Main issue, to get N500 with just N2 (Two Naira) Airtime, make sure that you are on MTN Zone Plan.
Dial*135*1# to migrate to MTN Zone.
Then Ensure that you have a minimum of N2 on your mobile phone with the MTN Simcard.

Here’s The Most Needed Tips.
Just Wake up any time after 12 O’clock mid night and call any number (Which must be an MTN Number) just ensure that you finish or exhaust the N2 and you we be given a N500 Bonus that you can use to call all MTN Numbers through out that day.

To Make every thing simple, just have two MTN simcards, use the MTN simcard which is on MTN ZONE plan With N2 airtime and call the other MTN simcard, pick it and make sure you exhaust it.
You’ll recieve your Bonus Instanta!.

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Get 1MB Data Bundle With Just N5 Daily Spend Using The New MTN Data Deluxe

Have You Heard Of Anything called Cheap Cell Phones Plans?
This is exactly what MTN just Brought up with this Wonderful Plan!, imagine with [Five Naira Only ] N5 You Will Be Given 1MB Daily!.
I can’t wait to get mine, let’s get this done and start Flexing the 1Mb Data By MTN Deluxe Plan.
mtn deluxe plan, mtn N5 data plan, how to get mtn 5 naira 1 mb,

How to Get 1MB Data Bundle For N5 Daily With The New MTN Data Deluxe Plan

This wouldn’t take you 2Minutes to proceed it.
Note that even with a very Low Account Balance or credit on Your Simcard, you can still surf and browser the Internet with ease of mind.
This New Plan is called MTN Data Delight.
If You are in this New Plan you can simply surf and browse through your Most favorable Websites with the Cheapest and Most Flexible Data Plan, which is 1MB which will cost you just N5 Daily.

To Subscribe to the MTN Data Delight, simply do the following below.
Text 350 to 131 for 1MB at N5 Daily.

Do You Have Any Questions Or Comments?
Why not use the comment box below?
Thanks A Million.

How To Accept Or Reject/Decline All Friend Requests On Facebook

Have you ever been in a situation where you have More than 50 facebook friend requests or Up to 100 Friend Request, just because you didn’t log in for a few days?
I bet you’ll simply exist because of the time you’ll use to accept or decline each request.
Well, i’ve been in that situation and i’ll say it’s pretty Annoying, accepting each friend request is really hectic!!.

Don’t Worry, because finally,this is a tutorial on how to automatically accept all Friends Request Or Declined them at Once, and even a Dummie can do it!.
Just follow the guidelines below and You’ll be amazed how simple it is.

facebook friend requests, facebook, techopera.com, accept all facebook friends request, reject all friend request

techopera.com, how to accept all facebook friend requests instantly, immediately,

Step By Step Guidelines On How To Accept Or Decline All Facebook Friend Requests With Just A Click.
Please just Follow these steps below carefully to manage all your pending Facebook Friend requests at once, either you accept them all or declined all, the ball is now in your court.

Step 1.
Login to your Facebook account and go to the page where all the pending friend requests are.
You can visit the Facebook Friend Request page by clicking the link below.

Step 2.
Now when the above webpage has load up on your Computer/Laptop Screen, go to the page which will show all the Pending Friends Request, then do this clearly.
1. Where you add www.facebook.com in your computer, that is your Address/Url bar, Clear the URL in your address bar.
2. After you have cleared everything, just Paste any of the Code below to either Accept all or Decline all your pending requests, since it’s your call.
To Accept all, Paste this Code into your Browser, Then Hit the Enter button.

But To declined all facebook friend request, just copy and paste this Java Code into your Browser Address Bar, then click on the Enter button.

Do you know that is it? Yeah! Finally you can automatically choose to accept all friend request mr declined them all.

Important Note:
Please note that When you Paste any of the above Code into your Browser Address Bar, Your Browser, either Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Safari, it automatically Stripe out and proceed to remove the javascript: code from the browser You have to type it in front of the Code before hitting the Enter Button.
It’s that Simply, let’s hear Your Testimonies.
It Keep fueling the Engine @ TechOpera.com