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Are You On Facebook? Then Browse And Chat On Facebook For Free Using Airtel Network.For Pc, Laptop And Mobile Phones

I’m truly impressed by Airtel, they’ve got practically everything one can ask for in Network.
From Cheap Call rates to Cheap Data Plans and i’ll vouch for Airtel as one of the fastest Data Package Provider in Nigeria.
Sincerely, Airtel Internet Service is truly amazing!.
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That’s okay, the aim of this article is to inform you that finally, Airtel has released a package plan for all her internet users, both Users on Pc, laptop and mobile phones can use this service to FREELY browse on facebook.
With this Airtel Package, You can do the following on Facebook.
1. Chat on Facebook with Your Friends.
2. Upload Profile pictures.
3. Comments on Fanpages and groups.
4. Download Profile Pictures From Facebook.
5. Update Profile Status and many more.
And the Most Impressive Issue here is that It Is FREE!.
This Facebook Free Browsing Package ip for Airtel Users only. With this new facebook package, all Airtel users can now browse Facebook for Hours for Free without the Fear of exhausting their Credit or Megabytes.
Do note that to activate this tweaks is very simple.
How To Activate The Airtel Free Facebook Browsing Tweaks.
Step 1.
You are to buy a New Airtel simcard or you can still use your existing simcard, if you already have one.
Step 2.
Then go to your Phone Web Browser or Opera Mini and insert the web address below.
Step 3.
Then Visit 0.facebook.com
Important Notice:
Please note that this Airtel Package plan works with or without Credit, so there is absolutely no need to Panic if there is Airtime on your Phone,it won’t be deducted.
For Now, keep Rocking With Airtel!.
For More Information Regarding Technology Information, Cheap Cell Phone Plans, Mobile Phones and laptops, Don’t Hesitate To Visit:

Get 35 Megabytes [MB] With Just N200 On Glo!. Unlimited Downloads For Pc And Mobile Phones

The Glo Network as a whole, their call rates, internet plans, international calls is simply getting amazing every single day.
For sometimes now, glo users has drastically reduced, but with their new plans, Even my friends have been calling me and saying’ Wow, Glo Rocks!’.
Glo Network are truly making all Nigerians browse the internet conveniently and are even lowering the rate to connect to the internet every day making it more cheaper than ever.
If you noticed, Some few days back, there has been a rapid changes in Bundle Price.

Well, the latest information on Ground today is the Glo 35MB for Just N200.
Did you get me right? I mean you’ll get 35MB without any tweaks!.
Let me add that the Glo internet connection speed is always wonderful and run as fast as Usain Bolt.

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Guidelines And Procedures On How To Subscribe For The Glo 35MB Plan With Just Two Hundred Naira [N200]
Step 1.
This Tweaks works on either a New Glo Sim or an already existing one.
Get either a New Glo Simcard Or you can either use an old existing one.

Step 2.
The next step is just Load up to N200 Airtime on your mobile phone and Dial *100*5*1#.
Thats it, You will be automatically subscribe to the plan.

However, please note that the Data Plan Validty Period has not been Confirmed yet.
But it’s really rocking and wonderful, let’s hope it’s 1 Week.
Till then, keep rocking!.

Here’s a link on To Browse Free With Glo On Mobile Phones.

Apple Released World Ever Thinnest Iphone.


It is no suprise that the Apple latest iphone is gaining popularity around the world.
Most tech savvy people have been patiently waiting for the latest iphone 5 to hit the Market.
However, the phone was released yesterday, the 12th Of September 2012.
Apple Corporation has just introduced her new iPhone 5, a lighter, thinner and more powerful version of its much respected and popular iconic mobile device.
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Iphone 5 Released. Image Of Iphone 5.
The Iphone 5 is an absolute crystal jewel.
The software building and engineering that went into this product (Apple’s Iphone 5) is the most challenging our team has ever taken on and produced.
This statement was made by Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller which he relay to a packed launch event in San Francisco.
The Apple Corporation Senior Vice President of Worldwide product marketing Phil Schiller, has also announces the new iPhone 5 during an Apple special event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.
The introduction of the Iphone 5 has been among the most keenly anticipated and much waited tech device in the world as a whole.
Several rumors on how the iphone 5 looks like has already been leaked online, the iphone 5 alleged image has been online for several months about the new device from the biggest company in the sector.
The iphone 5 is the thinnest iPhone the Apple Corporation have ever made, and it has also break world record, as the world’s thinnest smartphone.
Iphone 5 weighs just 112 grams, just under four ounces, and it is 20 percent lighter than the former iPhone 4S.
Here Is The Image Of The Iphone 5 From Apple.
iphone 5, iphone is out,
Iphone 5 Released. Image Of Iphone 5.
We have recieved information that the Apple’s iphone 5 could be bought at the cost of $800 (Eight Hundred Dollars Only.)
But We do respect your view on this, use the comment form below to tell us what you think about the Apple’s iphone 5 release.

Ways How To Increase And Boost 2go Star Without 2go Booster Application. This is the best way


Everyone has the right to view out their minds and thoughts, and personally, i think that to boost your 2go star, you don’t need any star booster application, although i am not Against You using it.
Today, i would love to show you, the step by step guidelines and tutorial on how to increase your 2go star without the tweaks and cheat codes of the 2go star boaster.
If you follow the steps i will outlined below, then be sure that within a few weeks, you will become a Master on 2go, because this guides i will be giving you, most people are selling it, but to you my friends, IT’S FREE!.
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The TechOpera Team

Step By Step Procedures How To Increase And Boost 2go Star Without The 2go Booster Application

1. Appear Offline:
You will notice it, most a times, the Masters in your friend list are always Appearing Offline Or Just Away, that’s the SECRET!, do it too.
Just change your online presence to offline or if you have friends you are chatting with, stay away when you are online, this will really help in giving 2go the impression that
you are just logging and for each message you send to a friend, you
star progress will move.
All you need to do, is send a message to a friend, Then Appear Offline, then appear online again and reply to your friend.

2. Spend 2Go Credits:
This is simple to understand, 2go Wants You To Alway spend the 2go credit, so that you can always buy another one, and they will compensate you with More Progression in the movement of your 2go star.
Just note that the more 2go credit you spend, the more your 2go star will progress.
So to increase your 2go star faster, you need to participate and be active in 2go rooms and make sure you buy as much credit as you can afford.

3. Play 2go Games:
If there is any secret you need to know about which room increases you star the most, then be happy because after testing and testing, the Most Powerful room that increases your 2go Star Is The 2go Games Room!
Since 2go Bots is always active in the room and keep asking questions, the more reply you send, the more your star progress Literally Leap!.
Because you are telling 2go that you are active and always online, play the 2go Trivia games and others and way as you star takes a Mighty Leap in Progression!.

That’s It, but note that this is the phase 1 on how to increase 2go star without the 2go star booster application, we will update you soon.

Would You Love To Increase Your 2go Star With The 2go star booster application?
Then Click the link below to do that.

How To Increase My 2go Star With The 2go Star Booster Application

First thing We Would Love You To acknowledge here is that this 2go star booster application works on all mobile phones, iphones and even Androids!.
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Increasing 2go star has always been a problem, but with this tips and tutorials below, you will be able to increase your 2go star within a short period of time using this 2go star booster application.
Let’s Go.

Where And How To Download The 2Go Star Booster Application To Booster 2Go Star.
There are certain issues you need to know before downloading the 2go star booster App.

1. When you have download and install the 2go star booster app on your mobile phone, sometimes, you would not be able to chat with your friends.

2. The 2go star booster free application will keep logging you out and in, thereby increasing your 2go star rapidly and very fast.

3. When you download the 2go star booster application, ensure that you login with details of the account you want to boost the star.
That’s it, Just Click The Link Below To Download The 2go Star Booster For Free!.

Click The Link Below To Download The 2go Star Booster.

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Or Better Still, click the link below to download the 2go star boaster application for all phones, including java phones, symbian phones, blackberry, androids and iphones, etc.
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How To Increase My 2Go Star And Become A Master In 2go

In the past two weeks, we have recieved several mails and questions from our wonderful readers on questions on how to boost their 2go stars quickly and become a master within one month.
We Want To Inform You That it is very possible to increase your 2go star, from being a Novice To Master Within a month.
And What is next? the price for the 2go Star Booster Application Is Free!.
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This is just a small tips and tutorials on how you can single handely and cautiously increase your 2go star and within a short period of time, you will become a Master.
And you know, being a Master in 2go gives you Access To Several things, other stars can.

How To Increase 2Go Star And Become A Master In 2Go

Important Notice:
Please be informed that this the 2go star booster application works only on the Etisalat network or Glo Network.
Also ensure that you don not have any Active Bundle or Airtime on your Mobile Phone Simcard, because it wouldn’t work for you.

Note that the Tweak with This Free 2go star Booster Application For Java Phones And Symbian Phones is that, if you have Airtime or You’re on a Data Bundle with either Glo or Etisalat, You will be Logged in Normally but if you don’t have any airtime or data bundle on your simcard, It will just be connecting and Disconnecting, Leaving you partially Online and Offline, confusing 2go and the more confuse 2go gets, the higher your star rating will increase.

Step 1.
Firstly, you must download the 4-in-1 2go Star Booster Application by clicking on the link below.
CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FREE 2go Star Booster Application.
Please Note that this is a modified Application that Contain More Than Four (4) 2go Applications!.

Step 2.
Note that after downloading the 2go star booster free application for mobile phones.
Log in to the 2go Account you want to boost the star to master.
Make sure that you log in on the 4 Different 2go Applications in.
You can use the * button to Minimize 1 for the Other, After that you will see Logging In or Starting 2go, make sure that you leave it like that.

Step 3.
Just repeat the Above Steps by step guidelines above for up to four Hours per day.
Keep on doing this step by step guidelines for Seven Days and you will be Surprise where your 2go Star will reach.

That is it, Now Please Help Inform Your Pals On Facebook And Followers On Twitter Using The Share Button Below.

This 2go Tips And Tutorials On How To Boost 2go Star Is Coming To You Directly From TechOpera.com

How To Make Free Calls, Send Free Text Messages On Your Mobile Phone Using Viber VOIP Application

Finally, it is no doubt that the 21st Century is one of the best or is the best Century So Far, because there are so much facilities that has made our World a better place to live in.
Internet has really made life a much more easier place both for the Young Ones, Old Ones and also for other Tech Savvy People.
Today, We would love to share with you, an Application That Gives You the access to Make Free Calls and Send Text Messages Using Your Android Or Iphone

make free calls on nokia phones, free calls and text messages
TechOpera.Com Team.

The Viber VoIP Free Calling and Free Text Messaging Features is one of the best application on the Internet for calling pals and friends for free, plus sending free text messages to my friends using my iPhone or Android Phone.
Note that with the Viber VoIP Application on your Android Smartphone Or Iphone, you are able to Make Free Calls and Send Free Text to your Friends on iPad and Andriod Phones.

However, the most amazing information i will be relaying to you today is that with your own very Nokia Mobile Phone, you can also be sending and calling your friends for No charges.
Viber is a VoIP Application that allows users to call and text each other absolutely free on the phones mentioned below.
The Viber Application Works On Virtually All Smartphones.
For Example: Andriod, iOS, Microsoft, etc.

Please Note that the Viber Application is been prepared as the Manufacturers are very much, creating and building the application to be avialable for all mobile phones.
Viber has also announced the Company will very soon, be releasing her application to all Nokia’s Series 40 feature phones, as well as Symbian and belle smartphones.

Note that with this Viber Application on your Nokia Phone, you can now Make Free Calls and Send SMS irregardless of your current Network, Locations.
Users of The Viber Application can also make calls to other Mobile Phone Users for Free using the Viber App, as far as the Viber Application is on the recievers phones.

The statistics of the Viber Application is really Worth the application features.
The Viber Application has been growing from level to level since the first day the wonderful App was launch in late 2010.
Just In February 2012, the Viber Application hit her First time ever 50 million Active Users, and in May 2012, the number increased to 70 million and the current stats is that, there are up to 100 million current active Viber App users across the world who are making millions of free calls a day.
Note that for Nokia S40 phones, which are also called Nokia Java Phones, Symbian and Bada Nokia Fans should all be expecting a Free Calls and Text Application soon to be released by Viber.

Techno Mobile Phone Tips: How To Download Twitter App For Techno Or China Mobile Phones


Techno Mobile Phones Would have been classified as a China Phone in the Past few years, but right now, anyone who classified Techno Phones As China Phones would be considered retarded!.
Because Techno Mobile Phone Management Team has really done well in refurbishing Techno Phones from a China Known Phones To World Classic Phones.

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Today, we would love to share with you, a brief App Review or Tutorial on Techno Phones and likewise, China Phone Users who will like to use Twitter on their Phone.
Hence, this information is passed through this blog, because there was really a Popular Demand hitting the software creation world for browsing applications for techno phones and china phones.

We would love to review the Great application that has finally brought down Twitter To all Techno Mobile Phone users and China Phone users.
Twhii is a wonderful Twitter Application which works on all Mobile Phone platform, including Techno Phones and China Phone.
Here’s a question for you:
do you have any Techno Mobile Phone or China Phone that Support Java?
(Please Note that 99% Of Techno Phones Supports Java.)
Then start Utilizing Your Techno Phone to the Fullest!. Because Techno Phone is programmed with lots of possibilities.
To download the Twitter Application That Works On Techno Phones And China Phones, Click the Download Link below.

This Is another wonderful application for techno phones and all kind of china phones.
Don’t Stand In The Queue, Be Ahead With TechOpera.com Technology Informative Portal.

Enjoy Your Techno Mobile Phone And China Phone to the Fullest Using TechOpera.com.

Step By Step Guidelines On How To Get MTN N250, N500, N1000 Free Airtime (Credit) Bonus For Making Calls

This is really wonderful!.
Yes you read the heading and title of this article right!.
MTN just followed the idea Airtel first implemented.
This is just too good to be true, because MTN will give you 500% (Five Hundred Percent) Of Any Recharge You Made, but surely that you exhaust the Airtime that day, You will be credited with 5TIMES the amount of credit in your simcard that very day, this Airtime, however last only that day on your simcard.
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Just follow the step by step guidelines below and you will start calling your peers and pals, buddies and schoolmates, course mates for the mtn cheapest call rate in their history.
This is another Mtn Nigeria Promo for her users this Month of september, after the previous 40 free SMS and Free Call which to many people’s sadness, ended last Month on the 31st of August 2012.
Sure thing is that MTN Nigeria has activated another wonderful promo again which the captioned the:
Where You Will Spend your daily target on the MTN To MTN or either call with your MTN simcard To Others Networks and get 500% bonus, which is valid till midnight of the day you load the MTN card.
This Promo is a Win-Win Case, because any amount of credit you spend on making calls whether it is MTN-MTN or MTN-Others Networks.
Instantly, once you have exhausted the Credit you load on your MTN simcard, your SimCard will instantly be credited with 500% bonus Airtime:
Here Is An Explanatory Example Of How This MTN promo works:
If You Make A Call Of N50, You Will be Given N250 Bonus Instantly On MTN simcard.
If You Load And Make A Call Of N100, You Will Be Given N500 Bonus instantly on your MTN simcard.
If You Load And Exhaust a N200 Recharge Card, You will be given N1000 Bonus On Your MTN simcard.
2 X 5 = 10.
Load And Make A Call Of N400, You Will be given N2000 Bonus instantly on your Simcard.
Note That the amount of credit you load solely depends on your daily 5X THE CREDIT target.
How To Activate The MTN Plan.
Just Dial *507# on your mobile phone and press send or call button.
How To Check Your Percentage Target.
Simply Dial *507*1# on your mobile phone and press on the CALL/SEND button.
How To Check The Amount Of Calls Made And The Remaining Seconds/Minute To Reach The Promo Target.
Just Dial *507*2# and press CALL/SEND button on your mobile phone.
How To Check Your Remaining Bonus:
Just Dial *559# and press send or call.
Important Notice:
1. Please Note that you will need to be activating the promo every single day to continue enjoying it.
2. The promo or amount given to you will be valid till Midnight of that day, regardless of the Bonus amount in your MTN simcard.
3. This promo works on every tariff Plan, because it can not Change your prepaid Plan or data Plan.
4. Amount made on making calls are counted on your promo bonus.
5. Activating the Promo Plan is free of Charge.
Do I Need to tell you to Share This Information With Your Friends On Facebook And twitter? please Do!.